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Additional Material: GOA-WorkBench®

Our partner IBK offers GOA-WorkBench® (GOA = Group Opinion Analyser), a web-based toolbox that is offered as “Software-as-a-Service” that supports you on your way towards Excellence.

GOA-WorkBench® “Corporate Solutions” offer modules for organisation-wide self-assessments according to different methodological approaches, adapted to sector-specific needs.

Here, the participant groups of the assessment can be configured via a project cockpit and individual results (method-related partly also anonymised) are evaluated and consolidated.

The “Corporate Solutions” of the GOA-WorkBench® include modules to support organisation-wide assessments based on various management approaches, optimised according to the “Easy Assessment” approach.

GOA “Individual Solutions” offer self-assessment modules for individuals beyond the fee-based “Corporate Solutions”, which have emerged from EU research projects and are provided free of charge for time-limited use.

Currently included:

More information, here.