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The project

ExCurS – An Excellence based Curriculum for the Improvement of LEAN & Green Management Skills in SME.

What is ExCurS?

An Excellence based self-assessment tool that allows an organisation to easily identify improvement potentials as a basis for redesigning processes; suitable for digitalisation and revitalising existing business models by specific trainings; especially increase the competencies of managers and staff as well as the maturity of the SME toward digitalisation and sustainable organisation.

The overall goal of this project is to create a training program for vocational education. ExCurS aims to offer a self-assessment tool that allows a match of organisational needs for skills and knowledge for a strategic growth with the personal development plan of individuals based on assessing existing and future potentials.

This concept will be validated by delivering and piloting a training programme focussed on teaching LEAN & Green Management Skills for SME, thus supporting the EU new Green deal and by its hybrid training structure the digitalisation efforts.

To do so, ExCurS will deliver a Work-Based Blended Learning concept realised by an online platform, which can be implemented and used by any stakeholder.

The overall goal of this project is to create a training program for vocational education. ExCurS is divided in five group of tasks, with specific results, that all together, will lead to obtain the on line platform.

Work package 1: Project & Quality Management.

  • Consortium agreement.
  • Steering and management group.
  • Project manual (under development).
  • Quality reports.
  • Timesheets and Activity reports.
  • Intermediate and final report.
  • Document repository per WP and activity.
  • Attendance list, signatures, certificates.
  • Meetings agendas and minutes.
  • Evidences of all performed activities.

Work package 2: ExCurS Concept & Self-Assessment Support.

  • Advisory Board Running
  • ExCurS training modules portfolio
  • ExCurS self-assessment prototype
  • Localised and tested ExCurS self- assessment module
  • QG1 passed and reported

Work package 3: ExCurS Training Modules and Platform.

  • ExCurS Training Modules Library.
  • ExCurS WBT Modules.
  • Training Localisation.
  • e-platform implementation.
  • Beta-tested training prototype.
  • QG2 passed and reported.

Work package 4: Integrated and validated ExCurS Solution.

  • Interaction with ABM.
  • C.VET & HEI Curricula offers.
  • Localised Platform.
  • Pilot group defined and trained.
  • Pilots done and analysed.
  • ExCurS Validated Solution.
  • QG3 passed and reported.

Work package 5 – Project Dissemination, Exploitation and Impact.

  • Project CO & Dissemination.
  • ExCurS Business & Communication Plan.
  • Workshops & Conference Papers.
  • Publications.
  • Project Conference.