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Closing WP2: ExCurS Concept & Self-Assessment Support. Follow up meeting, January 26th.

Last January 26th, ExCurS partners held a new on line follow up meeting where the last details of WP2 ExCurS Concept & Self-Assessment Support were discussed. As this WP is running as planned, we are ready to close it successfully.

The main results of this WP2 are:

  • Advisory Board Running
  • ExCurS training modules portfolio
  • ExCurS self-assessment prototype
  • Localised and tested ExCurS self-assessment module
  • Quality Gate 1 passed and reported.

To reach all these goals, all ExCuS partners have been developing different activities such as:

  1. Evaluating management and process re-engineering methodologies and trainings from previous projects that support LEAN Production, Green Economy & Digitalisation of work processes.
  2. Generating WP Summery Report as a basis for running the Quality Gate implementing and running Quality Gate Survey.
  3. Localisation of self-assessment tool contents and interfaces to partner regions and testing and incrementally improving the prototype.
  4. Mapping skills and training profiles against company needs and the EFQM 4.0 Model for identifying missing gaps for specific cases & adapting existing self-assessment to project requirements.
  5. Setting up and running an Advisory Board of external experts for discussions on approach, design and methodology.